Under Body

Embrace off-road adventures with the confidence that Hamer Underbody Protection is your vehicle’s frontline defense. The bash plate, prominently positioned at the front, is not just the first shield against rugged terrains; it’s also the most visible testament to Hamer’s commitment to protection. As the initial guardian, it confronts challenges head-on, protecting against rocks, debris, and unseen obstacles. Beyond the bash plate lies Hamer’s comprehensive suite of underbody protection. While the bash plate stands as the foremost shield, safeguarding the front of your vehicle, the 3 piece underbody protection covers the rest, ensuring that the vital elements of your vehicle’s undercarriage are comprehensively protected from potential threats.. The journey of an adventurer is filled with uncertainties, and Hamer ensures that your vehicle’s integrity remains uncompromised from front to back. Choosing Hamer means entrusting your adventures to industry-leading protection. From the prominent bash plate to the detailed underbody protectors, journey with the peace of mind that only Hamer can provide. Dive into challenges, explore without boundaries, and let Hamer’s Underbody Protection lead the way.


Manufactured to protect front vital underbody components without compromising weight and airflow


Designed for maximum level of protection for your car's underbody