Offroad and 4WD accessories

While off-roading could provide a wonderful sense of accomplishment and adventure, it is essentially difficult and risky. If you do decide to go off-road, make sure you have everything you need to care for your occupants and your vehicle if things go wrong.

It’s no wonder everybody has different goals for wanting to take their vehicle off-road. While someone may enjoy a relaxing cruise up their favorite winding track, some off-road fans may prefer to go on a multi-day adventure through tough trails. Both will require very different equipment. Whatever the scope of your adventure is, becoming prepared for a variety of potential problems can only help.

4WD accessories

Well, pretty much anything you might want to mount on a vehicle is probably available. Your 4WD can have a range of add-ons, from the ordinary (winches, light bars, tool kit, etc.) to the extraordinary (bull bar, roll bar, roof rack, etc.).

The list of off-road accessories and adjustments you can do to your car is long and, overwhelming. It does have a lot to do with the possible dangers and mechanical breakdowns. We’ve narrowed it down to a more manageable lineup via personal testing and driving experience, as well as studies and suggestions from other gear experts. Even if you only buy some of these, for now, consider it as insurance that will help you get your vehicle home in one piece.

Where to buy top-quality accessories?

HAMER products are dedicated to developing high-quality 4WD accessories with constant innovations. We are always pushing the limit, and continuously improving our range, adding innovative features to our products, so you can be sure to have both the best-looking and most functional products for your beloved vehicle.

Our top recommended accessories

•            Front Bull Bar

•            Rear bumper

•            Sports bar

•            Side steps

•            Roof rack

•            Skid plates

Other important accessories

•            Tow hitch

•            Triller ball

•            Pintle hook

•            Lightbar

•            Shackles

•            Ultimate shackles

•            Maxo shackles

•            Mattings

•            Hamer trifold (tonneau cover)

•            Hamer toolbox

•            Auto roller lid

•            Hamer rouge winch