3 Piece under protection plate for Toyota Hilux (2018 – 2020)

Ensure the safety and durability of your Toyota Hilux (2018 – 2020) during off-road adventures with our 3 Piece Under Protection Plate. Crafted from robust 3 mm high-grade steel plate and red powder coated for enhanced durability, this under-protection system is designed to shield your delicate radiator, engine oil sump, and transmission from potential physical impacts.

Featuring a slim design, this protection plate offers better ground clearance, and it seamlessly fits without compromising the functionality of your Hamer bull bar. With easy access to the engine oil drain plug, maintenance becomes a breeze.

Equip your Hilux with this essential upgrade today and conquer rugged terrains with confidence. Safeguard your vehicle’s vital components from harsh conditions, ensuring a smooth and worry-free off-road experience.


Category: SKU: H001-R



  • Constructed from 3 mm high grade steel plate
  • Red powder coated
  • Slim Design for better clearance
  • Fits without Hamer bull bar
  • Engine oil drain plug accessible