Victor Series Sports Bar for Toyota Hilux Rogue (2022 – Present)

Introducing the Victor Series Sports Bar: a beacon for off-road enthusiasts craving a blend of functionality and style. This isn’t just an addition to your vehicle – it’s an upgrade, a standout feature that augments your journey into the wild.

With its meticulous mesh design and robust fabrication, the Victor Series Sports Bar is engineered for those who refuse to compromise on quality or aesthetics. A head-turner, it features a distinctive, rugged look that complements the adventurous spirits of its user.

But this sports bar isn’t all about looks. It packs a punch with integrated reverse lights, brake lights, and work lights, ensuring optimum visibility in all conditions. No matter where your adventures take you, the Victor Series Sports Bar ensures you’re seen, noticed, and admired.

Designed for off-road enthusiasts, the Victor Series Sports Bar doesn’t just meet expectations – it shatters them. Whether you’re navigating rocky terrains, traversing sandy dunes, or simply cruising around town, this sports bar screams style and sophistication, setting you apart from the crowd.

Dare to be different with the Victor Series Sports Bar – where quality meets individuality.


Category: SKU: HR2100-F-11


Compatible with over-rail tub liners or roll tops featuring flat base side rails